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The Hispanic Heritage Month: The Essential Toolkit is a complete kit with all of the necessary tools to effectively engage your team and in turn your clients and customers. The included solutions and tools, such as the Leader’s Message and Team Huddles are ready to be used, simply yet informatively laid out to increase effectiveness. This Toolkit is more than Diversity & Inclusion lip-service- The toolkit is an effective tactic that increases employee engagement while reducing turnover expenses. The toolkit provides an entertaining, yet informative, process to foster an inclusive environment.


Hispanic Heritage Month The Essential Toolkit

Get Leaders Message- Messaging to use as a Leader to express the importance and impact of Hispanic Heritage Month.


-Entrepreneurs Technical Assistance

-Government Procurement & Certification Support

-Profitable Operations


-Hispanic Engagement 101

-Cultural Competence

-Cross-Cultural Communication

-Community Network

-Leadership & Personal Development

-Training in Spanish

-And Customized Content to Suit Organizational Needs

HISPANIC STRATEGY-Spanish Content Development

-Hispanic Marketing, PR & Advertising

-Recruiting & Workforce Development

-Community Outreach

-Translations, Interpretation & Language Services

-Operational Support


  1. Amanda Rogers (verified owner)

    The Hispanic Heritage Month Essential Toolkit is designed specifically for the busy workplace. In just 12 pages you will have all the resources you need to engage your staff and foster an inclusive environment during this month of appreciation and beyond. From communications content to team huddle activities, you’ll be equipped with the facts, information, and resources to engage your staff in meaningful discussion and appreciation without the worry of time constraints. They’ve done all the legwork for you and condensed it into a quick and easy-to-follow guide that you can use year after year!

  2. Jose Corona (verified owner)

    The Hispanic Heritage Month Essential Toolkit is very clearly meant to be a business book providing a view of the business case for diversity and Hispanic Heritage appreciation improving on that mainly in the workplace. In today’s fast-paced world, we need something that we can just pick up and implement without pages and pages of writing that we don’t have time to read. That’s why the Hispanic Heritage Month Essential Toolkit is the perfect resource for today’s busy workplaces. This toolkit allows us to share in Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations despite how busy we are. We can just pick up the toolkit and implement any of the ready-made content and activities into our daily agenda. Participating in Hispanic Heritage Month is extremely important to us and thanks to the Essential Toolkit, we can give the celebration the attention and effort it deserves!

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