• Get Leaders Message- Messaging to use as a Leader to express the importance and impact of Hispanic Heritage Month.l
  • Employee Meeting in a Box- All of the steps and content to facilitate a Team Meeting, including Handouts and Talking Points.
  • Fact of the Day- Interesting Factoids to use throughout the month, especially helpful with a dispersed or virtual workforce.
  • Social Media Posts- Posts and graphics to leverage on internal or external social media sites to promote Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Employee Huddles- Brief 5-15-minute team huddles to engage the team at the front-line level, entertaining, informative and conducive to open dialogue.
  • Team Building Activities- Fun Recommendations to Engage the Entire Team during the Month.
  • Employee Newsletter Messages- Powerful, Educational and Interesting Messages to be Included in Newsletters to maintain engagement throughout the Month. Especially helpful with a remote or virtual workforce.
  • Latino Resources – Where to go when you need more information? Here are all the resources to support you with Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • After Hispanic Heritage Month- What to do afterwards to maintain Engagement? We have the answer for you!
  • And so much more…

The Hispanic Heritage Month:

The Essential Toolkit is a complete kit with all of the necessary tools to effectively engage your team and in turn your clients and customers. The included solutions and tools, such as the Leader’s Message and Team Huddles are ready to be used, simply yet informatively laid out to increase effectiveness. This Toolkit is more than Diversity & Inclusion lip-service- The toolkit is an effective tactic that increases employee engagement while reducing turnover expenses. The toolkit provides an entertaining, yet informative, process to foster an inclusive environment.

0MillionLatinos in the U.S. Today
0MillionLatinos Turn 18 every Year
0%Millennials are Latino